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In all things found on the face of this Earth, the past resides in the present. Everything comes from somewhere, even though sometimes, their process- es and lineage are invisible to many. This causes traditions to be lost and roads to be abandoned. But invisibility does not mean nonexistence.

The word “edificio” (building in Spanish) has its etymology roots, well described as making fire; the first humans constructions had as a main objetive the protection of fire, keeping it alive. We belive that life is fire. That it is our obligation to protect it. We belive that art is the invisible nurture of life. That it is our responsability to foster it.

This is how we envisaged Arthouse. The Art that nourishes the life and the shelter that protects it.

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About arthouse

Arthouse was born in Tulum in 2015, when Diego Jansenson, real estate developer, and Luciano Gerbilsky, architect, decided to expand their projects from Mexico City to the Riviera Maya.

In that year, Tulum was beginning to show its vocation: to become a multicultural destination with a greater need for more ambitious projects for demanding customers from all over the world, avid for architecture, design, art, and wellness experiences.

Arthouse has become a reference in Tulum. It transformed Real Estate's concept in the market, with hotel service apartments, residences of international artists, restaurants with live shows, and wellness centers.

We believe that beauty must be embodied and inhabited, not just looked at and photographed.

Impacts cannot just be ephemeral explosions of wonder; they must pierce the heart and stay and live in it.

Townsquare, Mérida

About kelman

After its success in Tulum, the Arthouse concept is brought to Merida's city by Kelman, a development firm dedicated to creating, constructing, and commercializing cutting-edge and luxury real estate projects in the Southeast of Mexico.

Hand in hand with strategic partners, such as Diego Jansenson, creator of the concept, and Eduardo García Figueroa, director of Studio Arquitectos, Arthouse Mérida is born to offer a unique living experience in the city. Developing 2 apartment towers that provide residential and investment opportunities in the area.

With a solid presence in the Yucatan Peninsula and more than 65,000 sq. m. built, Kelman is a developer with a seal of quality.

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Merida's city is the perfect place to receive this concept and bet on a brand that offers cultural content and quality of life. it is a growing destination every day and is becoming one of the most sought-after options for living and investing in mexico.